What do you need?

All notes, practice navigation charts and navigation equipment is supplied. All you need to bring is a A4 lined exam pad, pencil, pen, eraser, calculator and sailing clothes and wet weather gear.

Before any SAS ticket is awarded all candidates must be 16 years old and require:

  • a Restricted Radio Operator’s Certificate
  • a Visual Acuity and Ishihara Colour test
  • SAS recognised first aid course (For Coastal and above the candidate requires a further First Aid (level 1) Certificate)
  • VHF certificate, however for Yachtmaster Offshore you will need a SRC VHF certificate
  • two I.D. photos


Please note:

  • All courses can be done over evening and weekends with prior arrangement.
  • If any candidate wants to do any of the above courses before acquiring the necessary prerequisites for the SAS exam, this can be done on the understanding that the candidate will need to fulfill these prerequisites before any SAS exam can be taken.
  • The instructor will advise candidates whether they are ready to take the relevant SAS exam on completion of the relevant course.
  • The SAS exam fees are not included in any of the above prices.

SAS tickets are Internationally recognised and are the only tickets recognised by the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA).